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What are the best hardcover gemology books to keep?

I’m looking for books that have lots of colorful picture of different gemstones, maybe like an encyclopedia? I’ve seen a few on Google, but just wanted to see the community’s opinions. Thanks!

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Hi Miss 2627
For me, the absolute best:
All the species and varieties of the world.
1600 with text and image
Driven by Prof. Dr. Walter Schumann
The front page is now black with photos
of gemstones.
Love Peace and Understandin
Peter from Sweden

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Paradoxically, one of the best hardcover books of gemstone photos (altho’ I agree with the Schumann book, too, and it is widely available used) is available as a digital download here:
It is the second edition of the Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones.

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Color Encyclopedia of Gemstones by Joel Arew

Thanks everyone for all of your responses! I will definitely look into these books

How about Sisk Gemology Reference published by JTV. It is very much an encyclopaedia type book but beautiful and informative. I like the other recommendations too.
There is also Jewel which I think is published by Dorling Kindersley, pretty and inexpensive .
Lots of lovely stuff out there.


I have Sisk’s 3 book set and it is exceptional. ;)) I can also suggest Koivula’s series of books concerning micro-photography of Inclusions in Gemstones … the first in the series was Titled: “PHOTOATLAS of Inclusions in Gemstones”. Be warned, they are a little expensive and getting a little rare as well. ;))

I looked around and I could not find the Sisk set anywhere but on JTV itself. But what I don’t understand why you can get volume 1 and volume 3 separately but not volume 2 unless you buy the reference set.

The Koivula’s books, The first two are about $379.00 a piece. but the 3rd volume is 800.00 at Amazon only.

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