Welo opal selling: wet or dry?

Good morning Dears,

Since a few I fall in love with lapidary especially with welo opal since I could find nice rough to work with at a reasonable price for a young guy.
To recover at least part of the expenses I was thinking to sell some of the best cab I got.
Here the doubt concerning how should I sell them: wet or dry?
The issue stands in the fact that some of the specimens show and extremely good play of colour but just when they are wet. Differently, once they got dry they become milky highlighting their play of colours just under white light.
The doubt stands in the fact that if someone would buy it for jewelry would get something that once get dry start turning milky, differently a collector could keep it humid preserving its amazing colours.
Obviously, the ct weight has to be scaled with dry stones.
Many thanks in advance to everyone who could help me!:blush:

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Following with the same question.