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Watermelon tourmaline cab

Hi just cabbed this piece of watermelon tourmaline for a jewellers customer, weight 8 cts
she is going to put it into a pendant
just thought I would share with the forum



Very nice. I’ve paid close attention to watermelon tourmaline for decades and have never seen a “slice”. Congratulations on being creative.

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Thanks Hobart_M_King, appreciate the feedback, it has already been set and sold to a jewellers customer

it is mine watermelon tourmaline

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another one

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That is truly adorable! I’m not trying to be offensive or demeaning in anyway but I LOVE it! Not many people would do this with this stone but have always wanted to deep down. I’m a huge fan of watermelon and know growers that would kill for this piece. Yep all puns intended.
Keep up the artistic works in stone. Can’t wait to see what you do next.
Always the best to you,

Thanks Otter much appreciated

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