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Watermellon tourmaline


This stone recently bought at a show, stone was bought as rough & cut here in the states in Pa. Afgani material, perfectly cut, almost crystal clear, VS clarity, 3 colors, 11.02cts, 15x10x10mm. Another nice pendent, the pics r after purchase, unmounted-m76steve…


These are nice What type of camera are you using to photograph?


cheryl, im using a nikon, coolpix L110. basically point & shoot. not much option to change, but focus auto ok, color about right, with most pics shot from a tripod for steady.-m76steve…


Very nice watermellon tourmaline, Steve.


hi Stave the location of this tourmaline is paprok, afghanistan


The fellow who bought & cut the rough has some very nice & large, over 30cts for the small one, that is almost flawless visually, green on one side & reddish on the other, looks like 2 villes of liquid fused together in 1 stone, the stone I have is like that only smaller-steve…