WANTED used Facetron, or Ultra tec

Not sure where to post this, but, my father’s old Graves MK 1 is finally getting to the end of its life. I am interested in anyone that has a used Facetron or Ultratec that would be willing to part with it for a reasonable price. Please feel free to PM me with details and price.
Thank you,

I don’t have a lead on either of these faceting machines…there aren’t that many faceters here. I would suggest you inquire at the various faceting forums and FB groups and also check the usual haunts for used items, such as FB Marketplace, Ebay, craigslist (nationally), Mercari, Offerup, local gem and mineral shows, pawnshops, etc. Depanding on your idea of “reasonable price” and your tolerance for condition, it might take a while to turn up what you want. At present, I see three Facetrons on Ebay, two of them for about $2500 and two other decent machines, an MDR and a Prismatic. You might also consider rehabing the head on your Mark I…If I recall correctly it is often just the pinch bearings on the yoke that go bad. Another option would be to get one of the cheap Chinese heads for $85 and have a machinist rework it into something with more precision. To that you can add an ohmmeter or a digital angle gauge. Justin K. Prim’s work with the handheld quills (Raytech type machines) is all the rage right now, and there are new Shaw machines and the Sterling from Thailand that Justin uses. I understand wanting a Facetron or Ultra-Tec, but there are other options…-royjohn


I have an UltraTec v2 that I’m willing to part with. Works great. Let me know if you’re still looking. I’ve been wanting a V5 but my wife has instituted a one in/one out policy. :slight_smile:


Jeremy Herzog