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Wanted to buy: Very Fine quality rough

I’m looking for very fine quality rough.

Goods to yield as follows:
Emerald: 4cts - 20cts
Ruby: 2cts - 5cts++
Sapphire: 4-20cts
Tourmaline: 10cts+++
Aquamarine: 5-30cts
Imperial Topaz: 5-10cts top GEM material, 10cts-25cts+ fine.

Vivid colors only.
Exceptionally clean material only.

Hoping for ongoing business relationship.

WhatsApp: +1-416-587-2112

Greetings David,

I have currently 500gr rough emeralds for sale in Dubai, as well as 250gr of rubies (also rough). The emeralds are of Panchir Valley origin, and of very good quality (I will send a video to your mail adress). Asking price for the emeralds is 750 USD / gram.
I I can also send you pics of the rubies, but Afghan rubies are not Burmese rubies. Colour is fine though, but people have perceptions with regard to the origin. Let me know if this is of interest. Many thanks, Andre