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Wanted: recommended Lapidary

Hi. I have a number of flawless rough gemstones I’d like to have cut. Some sapphires, Mali garnets, chrysoberyl and opals with excellent fire and large color bands.
Can anyone recommend an experienced lapidary possessing reasonable rates to have stones cut? I’m in Canada so local would be best although I’m not opposed to sending out to an internationally based gem cutter if affordable and can give me a good return in gemstones for some quality rough specimens. I had a lead on an experienced and reasonably priced opal cutter but they have since past away.
Thank you

Hi IMDone I can pretty provides you with the services you needed, I’m gemstones cutter and a lapidary instructor based in Nigeria. If you would like I can show some of my work galleries for viewing. From Gerald Muoeboh

Hi iMDone! I can recommend two gem cutters in Ann Arbor, MI who do quality work. Just let me know by messaging me ( I can send you their contact information. Not sure where you are located in Canada, but that might be closer to you.
Best wishes, Dr. Reg

I can cut the stones for you, but I’m in Australia. Price, well that’s not for public discussion. Also please be aware that for Gems you can lose upto 80% of the rough weight depending on size, shape of the rough and inclusions, for Opal it’s a blind tunnel until you start grinding. I do not cut Ethiopian opal only Aussie material unless you are talking about faceting Fire opal.

My work:

One 88ct rough, the Sapphires 6.43cts, 4.52cts and 3.60cts


That sounds great. Let me check on Canadian shipping costs to Australia and perhaps we can discuss pricing in a private email?

I would be most interested. Please get in touch with me
Thank you
Jeffrey Allan

It’s what I do all day and have been for nearly 50 years.
Sincerely, Mike G. Acquire Collectibles IGS Certified Professional Gemologist