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Visit to Bangkok and Mae Sot Thailand

Well community followers, I am counting down the days to my trip to Thailand, late Feb and early March.
going to Bangkok first to go to the Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Fair for a few days then head to Mae Sot for 4 days and back to Bangkok for a look around what may be available re rough and or cut gems. I would be interested if anyone has visited Mae Sot in recent times to hear how they faired or rather did not fair well in regard to buying

Hello. I live in bangkok and have a friend that recently went to Mae sot to buy gems. As far as I remember the market was small and hard to find and I think there was a 2nd market that was also small. You must ask around when you get there. Most people go to Burma, in Yangon or wherever and buy stones and then meet the buyer or courier in Mae sot to pick them up so they can avoid dealing with the impossible customs export paperwork.

Feel free to look me up when you arrive and if I have time I’ll be happy to show you around bangkok a bit. I will also be at the BKK gem show with a booth for our gem cutting school Institute of Gem Trade. Come say hi!

Justin K Prim
justinkprim at gmail dot com

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No worries Justin, I will probably see you at the gem show
thanks I have been to Mae Sot several times so no concerns thanks

You are taking one of my best bucket list trips. I know you will have a great time hunting the best stones. Wish I could make that trip again. It’s impossible in a wheelchair unfortunately. So kick butt for me. :joy:
All the best hunting…

Thanks Otter, it is hard to get good rough or cut at a decent price. but you never know what can come over the border at anytime.
only in Mae Sot for 3 days but hope to get a few gems even burmese amber with insects would be good.
may be some carved Jade would also be great