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Virtual Tour of India and Burma

One of my staff put together a cute Virtual Tour of India and Burma, probably much less in depth than most here would prefer, but it’s a few few minutes. :slight_smile:



Hi David,
Nice to see you on IGS forums. I enjoyed the videos, Mogok looks fabulous. Have you ever been? I haven’t Our Madagascar trip has been postponed for a year. Did you ever get in touch with Sandrina or any of those contacts there? I hear they are really struggling there now without visitors.
I enjoyed seeing your gems too. Unfortunately our visit to Toronto is also delayed so lunch will have not wait! Best wishes Barbara


I just referred someone who was looking at tripping around mines to you. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’ve never been to Mogok, when I was younger and more adventurous I did some trading on the border inside of Thailand, but the few times that I went the Burmese weren’t allowing foreigners into the country via the land border.

As for travel in the future… it’s a little heartbreaking isn’t it? One of the reasons I love this business is because where it takes us.

That said… I expect to be doing this until I’m at least 90, hopefully until 100, so I have about fifty more years left in me to visit Mada with you!!! :smiley: