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Violet Aquamarine

Does anyone have any information about Violet Aquamarine that has recently appeared on the market?

Straight purple or with a purple tinge? Do you have a photo, description, where what came from? In General, so far it looks like a fake.

violet tint

from Santa Maria de Itibira, Minas Gerias Brazil

I purchased some rough material from Steve Ulatowski at New Era Gems. It’s lovely.

NO WAY! NEVER! I know people mining in that area.

Santa Maria de Itabira/Minas Gerais/Brasil 3,43ct 3,22ct

This is likely radiation treatment, the color fades and isn’t stable if it is radiation treated.

I hope you are not speaking about the 2 aquas i’ve showed here. if you come once to Brasil I’ll introduce you to a good friend of mine who happens to be one of the owners of the pit from where these gems were extracted.
It’s quite easy to detect irradiated beryls, aqua, & very often around here, imperial topaz from Ouro Preto. You just leave them in the sun for 24 hours.
Same thing for emeralds: just ask your dealer if you can leave the gems in aceton for 24 hours.
Primitive but efficient techniques. You’ll never see the scammer again.

No, I meant the violet one that teezer added a picture of.

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