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Very weird stone

Hi my friends in IGS forums
I would like to share you a video shows the behavior of a stone I bought it from my country of origin…(Iraq). This stone moves and vibrates when visible light hits it. I sent the video to a university professor who is the State’s geologist as well, he told me (in email), it is a man made and has magic trick !!!
I have this stone with me in USA since Dec-2021.
The Forum forum’s site accepts only upload with JPEG extension, if someone likes to see the video while this stone moving and vibrates by light , he/she can ask me to send the video.

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Hi, what I would do first is to see if the rock reacts to a magnet. That will tell you a lot. Anyway, I did a little digging and it does appear that looking into “Electromagnetic magnetic radiation” particularly in igneous/volcanic rocks is the most plausible route to take…Also some meteorites are theorized to have similar properties~BTW, I’m not saying you have a meteorite.
I’ll post both articles…it’s a start point for your research. Let us know what you find out. Cheers