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Valutazione della morganite

hello everyone, could any of you give me some evaluation information on a 30 carat morganite with an intense and particular pink color? i checked through the Munsell charts but none come close to the color I have which is the 2.5RP 7/8 of the world of color. It is a stone that was set on a bracelet from 1930. It has a recognized certificate and I have also analyzed it personally, it is an untreated morganite. I attach the photo to be better helped. thank you

Hi Francesca.

It is hard to make an fair evaluation just by looking at a pic. It is not easy to see the quality of the cutting but if i may take a guess, i should say between 2500$-4000$ in the US endprice (ofcourse depending of the 4 C:s.).
In northern Europe it would go for less and in Southern Europe it might sell for a bit more.
Pierre Gunnarsson