Value of transparent-translucent to transparent natural rose quartz

hi what is the value per carat of transparent - translucent rose quartz? also what is the value of transparent natural rose quartz? I mean in like a pendent or something. like if you had 16 carats. I have a piece that is either transparent or transparent- translucent throughout the entire stone depending on where you look at in the stone. thanks

The specimen is too highly fractured to be of facet grade… which is the only rose quartz that can be considered truly valuable. Nice color and someone might be interested but it will only be at a rate of a few $ per pound .

I mis said that this is more transparent translucent throughout the stone. This is not transparent. Thanks for all your help!

Although it may be pretty, quartz is the most common stone on earth. Rose Quartz sometimes has a higher perceived value, but the truly transparent Rose Quartz is almost colorless. Uniformly translucent cloudy Rose Quartz makes pretty beads or pendants, but the workmanship and precious metals used to make it into jewelry are much more costly than the Quartz itself.

have to agree with the others. Rose quartz is so abundant that it is one of the cheapest of quartz stones. completely transparent rose quartz is a rarity, rose quartz in crystals are even more rare, but the crystals are far too small to cut. everything else is cloudy and tranlucent. Your samples are typical of massive rose quartz which has little value. I’ve carted off multiple 5 gallon buckets of it from abandoned pegmatite prospect pits, to use as decorative stone for garden plantings… some of the sample grade into smokey quartz due to natural radioactivity. Those are also massive and cloudy, worth very little. Even cut quartz stones like clear citrine, smoky quartz and amethyst have valuations that are far less than most people realize. They are the only stones that have not significantly appreciated in value over decades due to their abundance. $10/ct would be in the wholesale range of cut quartz. Smoky quartz beside being made into beads, are typically cabbed… jewelry made from it is pretty but is still relatively inexpensive, as the stone value does not contribute much… it’s the skilled labor that counts a lot more…