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Value of Tourmaline pendant


I have this scarab pendant that I thought was quartz but tests as tourmaline and creates static electricity when rubbed. It is about an inch long. The metal is Sterling Silver. I can’t really find anything on it and am not sure how to determine how many carats it is as I am still learning all of this.

Thank you for your assistance on this.


It does not look like the setting weighs that much on your pendant. I would weigh it and just deduct a little for the silver. If you give me an idea of how big the stone is and what size the wire is that it is wrapped with i can help you with the weight of the silver a little bit and the size of the bail ring. We can get you pretty darn close. I have enough wire scraps of all size and shapes in my shop that I should be able to help you out. Of you wish to get that close.
1Gram = 5Carats


Thank you! The silver pops off. It is 6.8 grams.