Value of Burmese Rubies

Hi, my first post. I’m a gemology student in Australia.
Just curious, how much would a 5 carat Burmese Ruby be worth? I can seem to find any recent sale data anywhere.

If unheated and good color, it will be very high price… You can get some information in Christie’s Auctions or Sotheby’s Auctions.

Try the price guide.

Go for highest above 3 carats and pure clarity so 5 times $17 000 its only a estimate but should give u an idea where you are

Realy no one else can can make an estimated valuation its not that hard

Thanks everyone.
I was wondering if it was worthwhile having it recut as it has a nasty chip to the table/ girdle. It also has a feather through the centre so fingers crossed when I see the gem cutter it is salavagable. It’s currently 6.19 carats and I’ve figured that keeping it above 5 carats is desirable.