Valuation of cat's eye

There is a 7 carat cat’s eye which im looking at. It’s got sharp rays in fact 3 when you move it around (see pic). It’s got a light green color. Any idea how much i should be paying?

A cat’s-eye of this size and quality will wholesale around $5,000/ct, but do insist on an internationally respected lab report before purchasing such a gem. Ciao, Jeffery Bergman -

Hi, I would be a bit concerned that this cats eye has 3 strong rays(cats eyes) I have only ever see chrysoberyl cats eyes with one ray??? Any one else have comments on this fact

Me too never seen cats eye with more than one Ray. Is IT chrysoberyl cats eye.If you need we can can give at ver cheap price with IGI certificate.

If you look closely, there are multiple reflections on the surface of the stone indicating multiple light sources, and each light source will produce a separate eye or ray. And very fine cat’s eye chrysoberyls will often seem to open and close splitting into two rays when rotated under a single light source.

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I would definitely demand a reputable lab before making such a purchase.

From curiosity. Did you ever get a lab report?