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Valuation of carved Agate

How would you place a value on this 95ct Horse Head Carved Mexican Agate?

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It’s a decent quality carving from a nice piece of agate.

Price in a higher end retail store can be $500, $800 or $2000+++ with a nice bail and a few points of diamonds and a 4-5 gram 14k chain.

Auction value, not much, maybe $50 or $100 unless you really luck out and get a couple of the right bidders.

Thank you Skygems!! I was planning on making it into a higher end necklace. I’m glad that you saw the same potential in this piece… I definately want to add diamond to it. I thought about adding another gemstone to accentuate the agate’s color but, I also don’t want to detract from the agate’s beauty.

I will probably just go with the diamonds. With a 95ct agate, how long should the 14k chain be? Is it better to have it lay just above the bust on a 16" - 18" chain?

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Well the funny thing is I just bought 3 very similar ones from Thailand , I paid under $30 each. My guess is they are CNC carved and not actually done by hand. Now that being said I have seen these sell in retail stores for $175 up to $250 each and have also seen some with 14K bezels around them selling for $850 -$1000. But by themselves as a small intricate carving I don’t think they would sell for more than $150-$175 to be candid. I’ve been in the business for over 50 years! - Mike