Untreated Green Topaz

We recently were able to purchase a lab certified (100% untreated) Flawless, Russian dichroic green topaz with an exceptional cut weighing in at 80.90 carats. After we purchased the gem we began to gather the history of the gem and it read like a James Bond script. While we often ignore these stories and tall tales of rare gems we had to give this respected source (who was actually involved with moving this gem from Russia in the 1990’s as rough), some well deserved respect.

During our research of the gem we found out the following facts about the gem.

  1. Green topaz (untreated, not even heat) is extremely rare. While we find mention of it on websites like GIA and IGS etc. we find no photographs of a green topaz.
  2. On third party buyer sites like eBay we find nothing but treated green topaz most using some form of diffusion treatment, and/or coatings/dyes.
  3. There is no established pricing for green topaz (untreated) we could find.
  4. This gem is somewhat of a gemological unicorn.
  5. The gem is dichroic going from a mint green to a golden-green depending on lighting source.

We also saw mislabeled gems like prasiolite and green quartz selling as green topaz; which is evident when you read the entire listing of people selling items that lead in at least as “green topaz.”

We are interested in other people’s experience or lack of experience with this gem. We are new on this forum and not sure the photo we are attempting to upload will post correctly.