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Unsure about prices..kindly help

Hi I am new seller and I have lots of sapphire gemstones purchased by my grandfather …I wanted to sell them but unsure about current market prices if anyone is kind enough to discuss and help me with it …it would be more than welcomed. Thankyou.

Hello, to begin with, it would be good to get some pictures of the lot and the individual stones, some Carat weight, certificates if there are any, etc.
Question will also be if you will have the patience to sell one by one to endusers, or if you intend to sell all as quickly as possibly, or somewhere in the middle :slight_smile:


You can buy appraisal software and gem valuing programs by subscription, but you can also do internet research into sold items…your choice depends somewhat on how many/how much merchandise you have to sell. You need to learn to compare like with like, which means various color and clarity grades. This requires consulting with some experts or developing some expertise. Probably the best you can hope for is to sell the items at 70% of wholesale (memo) to jewelers or collectors. Learn to photograph the gems well and offer them for sale at appropriate websites and internet markets. -royjohn