Unique relic found

I f

ound this very unique stone that is extremely hard and it was actually covered within inside of another rock that was about half inch thick. I chipped away the outer rock and was left with this. Its extremely hard and cannot be marked or anything with anything i have without getting to crazy on it. It has hieroglyphics all over it if you start rubbing it you can see them covered in it. Anyone have a clue of what this is and its possible value. Also i found a huge amount of preserved remain fossils of small animals like snake and bird heads in excellent condition.

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I mean thats very interesting i would love to hear more…

Well first let me tell you a little bit about myself and what I’ve been experiencing for the last year or so. I’ve been getting and receiving very strong Energies positive Energies daily and having all types of spiritual experiences that I have photographed and documented with that being said I had this strong energy one day I was feeling that was like no other and so strong that I was literally LED deep off into the woods to a point of where I thought I was about to be lost and not be able to find my way back if I didn’t turn around as soon as I was thinking that standing there that energy was stronger than ever and I looked down to my right and there was a beautiful petrified old tree stump and I do a lot of restoration work and would work and have them lots of petrified wood pieces and I was like would you look at that so I was going to see if it was loose so I can take it back with me and make something of it well it was loose and turned right over and soon as it turned over there was a very unique stone that was sticking halfway out right below where the tree stump was at and when I grabbed it I felt another and now at this point the energy I’ve been feeling is extremely strong and something was just telling me to get these rocks that I was starting to pull out from honor to stop because there was not just a couple there was like a whole pile of rocks that was under this tree stump like literally just a couple inches and at the surface of the ground under the stump so I feel both of my pockets full of these unique rocks and I wanted to investigate more but it was getting dark so I left. So I get home start washing them off and cleaning them up and I wasn’t really thinking anything other than just some unique looking rocks but there was a lot of limestone or cat side or whatever that was on some of the real unique looking ones so I did some research and I ended up getting some muriatic acid and soaked several of them in it and after the soak and I started rinsing them off I started noticing that these were not rocks they were fossils not only were they fossils but they were preserved for main fossils and what type of fossils the rarest ones which are birds snakes but only the heads of them. So now I have probably 30 or so fossils of snakes and birds and other unknown fossilized animals. And I still had a several that I haven’t went through well a week or two later there was a large Rock by the size of my hand or little bigger but it didn’t look like it was anything irregular or unique and I nearly tossed it until I had it in the light just right and I noticed what looked like a diamond shaped object in the center of it that was bulging out from it I said that’s very symmetrical and straight that don’t look right so I ended up getting a hammer and chipping around the diamond pattern and I ended up with what I have here and this was in the center of the Rock and The Rock was probably a good half inch thickness all around it so you can only imagine how old that it could be. But the shape that you see in the picture is exactly what it is nothing has been shaped with no tool or nothing because you cannot it is such a hard material which I have not tested it with anything but I know that I have not dealt with any other type of stone other than a diamond that has been this hard even with my diamond tip Dremel bits I can hardly even make it Hayes mark on it with it but that’s not what unique the diamond shape what is unique is as I was trying to clean it off and you know get down to see if it was any further than the diamond pattern which I can’t get it no further without getting extremely crazy with it you know but I started noticing what heroglyphics all over it you can’t really see him in the picture I’ll take some more here soon when you can see him a better but the whole thing has got hieroglyphics on it and they’re kind of hard to see with the the phone but it’s covered with it I don’t know what kind of stone it is the only thing that I’ve done and I’m not sure if I’m 100% accurate with it but I did the density test with the scales and submerging and water and I come up with 2.5 density and it’s extremely cold if left alone and hasn’t been touched in a while it will be real cold when you pick it up and it dissipates heat very quickly and won’t hold any in it but with that being said I have ended up going back to the spot in recovered much more and now I have more that I can even try to go through at this point of fossils and other types of relics that I have to hieroglyphics on it like I was just explaining now also but I know they are preserved remain fossils and some of them could be like art relics carved out but most of them are real fossils because before I realize what they were I’d cut a couple of them in half and then end up going back and polishing and you can see all the detail that’s inside of the animals as far as their bones their muscle tissue all that kind of stuff like that is still in like a perfect condition preserved and at all the breaking points below the heads you can see you know they’re insides or whatever they got preserved that’s fossilized anyway I’ve been working on these rocks and stuff nearly every day for the last month and it is amazing me every single day of the stuff that I’m finding it’s impossible for me to really stay and work on one little house so eager to see what I have next because he one or every other one is like unboxing a new gift of the great unknown. But the diamond is not the most unique thing that I found along with these things I found or I’ve been finding what looks like little humanoid people I do have the whole bodies of couple of them which the whole length is a 3 inches they are very small but very much humanoid because I’ve counted five fingers five toes and the skulls look exactly like ours and I’ll post a picture of that with this of the humanoid skull and they’ve got all the teeth and everything and I never heard of anything like this or can find anything like it let me know what you think thanks

Ok so im pretty sure its egyptian steatite stone. It matches the density gravity and everything else about it to a T. Also the hieroglyphics i see within it also makes even more sense. Wonder what the value is on it

Where in the world did you find it like country

Its actually not strange to find odd stones in old trees or i image in petrified wood trees grow in soil and rocks people loose things leaning on trees all the time they snag catch or water washes them ther where they stop. Then trees grow soil builds and merges into the growing tree that continues to trap more in its roots till is up rooted and brings the treasures it spent a lifetime collecting

Yea thats what I was thinking and I’m going to start using that tactic looking around the oldest trees that I can find and look right around the edges of the tree. But it was found and Southern Mississippi United States

Some people do bring things home from vacations but that is odd…