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Unicorns for sale


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condition: new
make / manufacturer: All Countries
model name / number: All Colors

“John’s Precious Gems” (Licensed Business Owner)
I sell all types of precious and semi-precious gems. 100% natural, certified Rubies, True Ceylon and Kashmir Sapphires (Kashmiri Sapphire pictured above), Emeralds from Colombia and Zambia; Natural Alexandrites with extraordinary 100% color change ie; one color to another color changed by sunlight with a completely different unrelated color change that is simply perplexing, interesting and unbelievable, Mother Nature’s mysteries. I have Russian Demantoids, Green Tourmaline, Paraiba Tourmaline, Tsavorite, Sphene, Natural Zircon, Mogok Spinel, Tanzanite ( the Dark Neon Blue verified by pic on white background above), and others. My prices are unlike any prices you’ve seen. Truly bottom of the ocean pricing for world-class top gemstones. These Rocks are extra-large and incredibly wondrous the type you can see into, swim in it. No semi-mounts are sold here however, you’ll need to find your own settings. But Wow! The stones you could buy from me will make the ring or pendant you create unmatchable. Each stone will come with it’s own “certification card” and a picture of the exact stone is presented on the certification. So absolutely no worries about authenticity and if you are still unsure about what your buying because it’s really too-good-to-be-true but it is, you can also go on-line and check the certification yourself. One exception; I sell no diamonds. But, if you’re looking for gorgeous colored gemstones to put into a European style engagement or wedding ring, you are in Luck ! Look to the pics above, these are just a small sample of what I have to offer you. I’ve got everything you could possibly want in a gem. Size, Luster, Brilliance, Rarity, the Best and the Largest Unicorns that are Not supposed to exist, but they Do and I have them. If you want something very unusual and incredibly outstanding for your other half, look no further. Remember these stones are Unicorns ! You will never see another person Dead or Alive with a gem such as these. No Gawkers please, just Serious purchasers who want the one and only. Thanks for listening to my tirade, but I’m Convinced and All-In about my Gemstones.
Please understand, that the color of the gems
will vary with each and every monitor, as well my
camera is a Canon point and shoot camera and
did not come close to capturing the unimaginable
intensity of the color, brilliance and luster of these
beautiful outstanding gemstones. There are flashes
of reds, blues, yellows, chartreuse among other colors
and, different shades of hue witch the camera did not
catch, however I did the best with what I have. Nothing
professional with the photography here, just me. I
surely appreciate your patience and understanding.
The Management (Yes Indeed, PayPal is accepted)


A 49 carat Natural Alexandrite? Wow. That’s a $3 million dollar plus gem.


Certificate looks legit :wink: Although I would be concerned about purchasing a Cert. from a Lab that doesn’t have any contact details :thinking:


I purchased an IGL stone that was certified natural …. ha! what a laugh… Don’t trust that lab report. I would check with a reputable Gemologist on those before trying to sell.