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Uncut Gemstones Appraisal

Hi there,

Was looking through the appraising guides of gemstones on the site and how the grading works as well as the pricing guides.

These are all based on cut gemstones.

My question is, how does one appraise uncut stones and apply a value to them? Is there a pricing guide for uncut and what factors affect is as not all factors on cut gemstones are applied to uncut.

Hi, uncut gemstone are like any other gem, first you have to look at the quality as always the quality runs from A to Z, then you have carat weight, bigger the gem higher the price, shape of gemstone which will determine yield, market trend is the gemstone in vogue is it sought after more so than other gemstone. is it rare, ruby, sapphire, demantoid garnet, emerald, Tsavorite etc, at the end of the day there is no hard and fast rule you can apply to buying rough gemstone, except your knowledge and expertise you have gathered over a long period of time. I am talking 10 20 30 years here. and that you actually know what you are looking at in the first place
anyway just a bit of my thoughts on the matter, I am sure others on the forum have their ideas as well

Thank you for the information. Makes a lot of sense.

I think what is best to do would then be to keep getting them appraised and learn as i go as you have mentioned.

But once again thank you for your input