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Turkish Diaspore, color change gem for Sale

Dear all,
I am working for a company selling precious and semi-precious stones from Worldwide to the USA and Europe, based in Turkey. We have been in the precious and semi-precious stones business for many years and successfully selling different species of stones in raw form or faceted, including Turkish Diaspore, also known as Csarite or Zultanite as a branded name.

Turkish Diaspore is only available in one mining location in Turkey is close to our location and we have lately been able to get loup clean gems faceted in Thailand. We have in total 550 carats in various cuts, all-natural and with no treatment. We can even provide certificates of the stones if requested.

I am happy to provide visuals and videos for those interested but for initial, I can share my dedicated Instagram account I created for those who wants to see the previous ones. GemsInEarth at Instagram

I would like to share with the IGS community to help us find connections or maybe some members that might be interested to buy.

I just wanted to add a very nice article of IGS for Turkish Diaspore for those who wants to get more detailed info