Tucson? Who's going? Does IGS have a booth?

Just some general Tucson questions. My wife & I are getting to go for the first time. We are into most gemstones and I make silver and gold jewelry and are wondering if anybody has suggestions on what to see and see first. We do have a business license so we’ve been told to stop at the convention center first to get my wholesaler ticket. Any other help or ideas would be appreciated.

Also, does IGS have a booth or activities there?

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Hi Duane,
It is my first time also, actually just started with gemstone, having some amethyst and tourmaline uncut stone sent to me from Africa… sorry that I cannot help you


I find the JOGS show to be pretty beneficial- especially if you make jewelry… This particular show is not open to the public, only the industry. There are hundreds of exhibitors under the same roof at this show, and it takes me a few days to get through everything. Here’s more info for you: http://jogsshow.com/ You can per-register with your tax info.

The Tucson Gem and Mineral show is actually many shows all going on at the same time, all over the city (43 shows this year). Hope you have a great time and that info helps!

I grew up in Tucson, so no wonder I love gemstones, lol.

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Thanks Kim!

We’ll be sure to head over to the JOGS show. Somebody told us that you
could register your business at each show or there was one main form you
could fill out and it worked for all the shows. Unfortunately we didn’t
right down the name but we think it was at the convention center.

My wife also grew up in Tucson also and we’ll be staying at her brother’s
home which saves us the hotel fees.

Thanks again for the information,


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Be careful… Gemstones are addicting.

Have fun at the show.

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