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Tucson Gem Shows

I am considering going to Tucson this year I have never been before. I just mostly want to look around and maybe buy a couple of things. I collect colored gemstones and jewelry.
I have the following questions:
How many days should I plan to go to get a good look at everything? Where is a reasonable place to stay? How far is the airport to the convention center? Any must see shows or booths? Any recommendations or tips?
Thank you,

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Hi JanGem1, what kind of colored stones do you collect? Two years ago came across a spectacular Rhodonite rough ( I live in Brazil). It took me more than one year to find a guy able to cut this rough given the characteristics of this stone (perfect cleavage in two directions i.e. very, very difficult to cut). In the end I got spectacular final product. Exceptional red color and very clean (not perfectly) stones. They are expensive, though. 11+ and 9+ carats each. If you get interested, please send me a note ( Thanks

I will email you directly Jan

Remember one thing…if you see something you are interested in, buy it then and there…because it may not be there when you come back to get it. I learned the hard way!
There are so many venues to visit and so much to see, you would a rental car & 4 or 5 days.


my name is inhaj and we will be participating in tucson this year at GJX booth no 2601(GEM BOUTIQUE) , we have wide varieties of sapphires and rare Semi Precious stones from Sri lanka , madagascar,tanzania,brazil and Ethiopia , just refer as Inhaj’s Friend for some extra good deals