Tsavorite garnet 3.5 caracts

What would a Tsavorite garnet 3.5 aprox be worth

Hi Jesse,
The worth would depend on the color, clarity and cut. Is the stone eye clean? I am a tsavorite fan as well. The size is good, but I have seen quite a few that size that are heavily included which effect their value. The colors can vary as well. I am curious to see if anyone has opinions of the variations from Kenya and Tanzania.

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Yes appraiser says it is

I am looking to maybe sell
Do you think you might be interested?

Do you have a photo of the tsavorite you are referring to? If it is a general question, a clean with very good color could easily sell for $1000/carat. If it is not good quality, $30/ct, maybe.

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I can’t get the photo to upload
I also have the appraisal

Hi Jesse,
I haven’t checked in for a week. I saw your message. I would be interested in talking more about your tsavorite.

Will need a good email


Yes, like any other stone it depends on color, clarity, cut any inclusions etc?

This site will give you price ranges on it but really cant be ppriced without at the minimum a picture.

BTW … anyone looking to buy beautiful colored gemstones let me know because im trying to dissolve my inventory.

Good Luck Jesse

Thank you
I believe that the appraisal is going to be little high for anyone on this board
Thank you once again