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Tsavorite colors

Was just curious as to why top tsavorite color is a dark forest green? I like them more lime colored! I would figure that you already have that deep forest green and emeralds why would you want it and a Green Garnet? I love how lively the lime green color is and it’s such a unique color! Can anyone explain this to me?

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Valuation is a matter of rarity, beauty, taste and demand. In the case of tsavorite, the darker (but not too dark) greens are (I think) rarer and they are preferred over the lime greens. This may have something to do with the fact that the predominant color of peridot, a much less rare gemstone, is green with some yellow in it. So lime green says “peridot” and darker green says “prime emerald.” There may be other factors, but this is how I would explain it. The valuation comes mainly from what the market will pay and from committees of experts who advise the appraisal community and the valuation publications. That said, you will find some people who prefer the lime green and you should market your lime green tsavorite to them. A similar situation is seafoam green (greenish-blue) aquamarine. It is considered much less desirable than purer blue aqua, but there are some folks who want their aqua greenish blue, so if you have some of that, your choice is between heating it to get a bluer stone which will appeal to more people and be valued higher, or finding some folks who want greenish blue aqua…diff’rnt strokes for diff’rnt folks, we say, no? -royjohn

Hello and no, leave nature alone if you have to treat it you have lost what you had the South African Tsavorite is a modish colour polished in its natural state is best .

Yes and thank God we all like different things! Otherwise we would be clamoring for the same things and there would be war all around LOL

I completely agree. I look for unheated all natural and as clear as possible. I don’t like heated stones I think it is a modification of what naturally was a flawed Stone. They can be quite pretty but I think it takes something away from the natural beauty of the Stone. The hunt for the perfect stone for me is part of the enjoyment. I am constantly amazed at what nature has created.

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I was wondering if I sold my 14k - 2.25ct tsavorite ring that has a retail/replacement insurance value of AUD $9000, what do you think would be a reasonable of amount of $ to ask for?
Thank you