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Tsavorite 7 ct!




Just curious as to how you know it is a Tsavorite?


Because i buy gemstone in Arusha, Tanzania


Hi I have had first hand experience in buying in the field, did a gem tour some 4 years ago with a group of gemmologist and visited Myanmar went to several gem markets. bought some cut and rough stone. But in saying that some of the tour group also bought a rough sapphire crystal that turned out to be synthetic. and a large rough peridot that turned out to be glass. when you have 12 to 15 people pushing stone at you it is difficult to test stone to ensure it is what they are trying to sell you.
Anyway I guess I am saying just because you buy a stone at the coal face doesn’t mean to say that it is what the seller is telling you.
You are probably dealing with reputable people in Arusha and know your gemstone, so your Tsavorite is natural it looks a good quality gem. not many Tsavorites that size around any more.


Usually I take a gem to sell in Thailand, never once that is a fake.


I lived in Africa (Kenya) and I bought a load of “tsavorite” rough sent it to a friend of mine who has been in gems for 50 years and he said …wow this is good took it to a famous gemologist who said the same … it turned out to be fake! I discovered that what they do is put it in the bottom of a fire and virtually melt it so it ends up with bit of carbon in it… then they tumble it so it looks water worn. So it does happen… and I had bought a lot of rough from this particular guy and it had all been good… no surprise when i went to find him he had disappeared. :joy: Your stone does look nice though.