Trying to ID this gem, sapphire?

So I have this stone and I think it may be a sapphire but not sure. Purchased by my father likely 50s or early 60s in Japan or Germany when in the Army. Nice blue color under regular light but under black light it’s fluorescent reddish wild looking. The stone is not cut very well.

Hard to say just by looking at a picture but i suspect it might be a synthetic Sapphire.


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This stone is most likely a Synthetic Spinel. The blue has strong red flourescence (LW) and strong bluish white to strong mottled blue (SW)


Thank you for the input…based on some more research I believe it is a topaz based on pic with the same up light look.

My Understanding is that Topaz does not fluoresce a pinkish colour even london blue

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I’m no gemologist but I think it’s an Amber! I believe it’s called a Caribbean Amber. Just thinking…

Sorry but that is not possible think again regards SP

It is possible and there is such an amber not sure on the Caribbean
Why say think again, that’s rude. I was trying to be polite

Hi again
I’ve looked into this a little
Maybe it’s a fluorite?