Traveling with gemstones international

Hello all,
my name is Thomas and I am starting a journey to southeast Asia , into India and then through over to Europe.

I’m planning on taking multiple classes along the way gem faceting and jewelry making as well stop at GIA in Bangkok.

I’m very excited that I have found this community here online!!!

I have a collection of gemstones (tourmalines, garnets, aquamarine, topaz, etc.) (no sapphires, emeralds, or rubies, no diamonds either) that I want to bring with me.
does anybody know with the customs and duties could be like potentially on bringing these gemstones over with me on my carry-on?

Traveling with some electronic jewelry equipment as well and hoping to get some clear insight (or clearer insight I should say) Into what I should prepare for, watch out for or just flat leave at home and not travel with.

Any advice and or experiences would be greatly appreciated I plan on leaving the United States in late December and traveling for one year.

Thanks for any help!!

Hide your gems good. And dont show them. That would be my opinion.

well it is not advised to travel with to many peaces as they maye be taken from you as amounts of gems are prohibited but for more info rather contact me on whatsaap on +27712817588 jarred gemoligest

I can say I’ve been around the planet 8 times. I’ve purchased gems for 40 years. A couple in your pocket would be safe going back and forth. You can declare you purchased a stone, for instance in Myanmar for $1500 and produce a receipt coming back to North America and it won’t raise flags, but maybe a tough customs agent is going to charge you a small import fee. You can trust mail to a degree and just send it home to yourself. The question you pose about bringing equipment overseas is different. I would not be worried at all about that, just make a list of the stuff and present it with a bonding agent that it is going over and coming back. I did that with tons of stuff back in the day (70’s 80’s)…

Oh. I wouldn’t recommend bringing stones with you. They won’t be as interesting over there than they are to you here. Go to Chantaburi if you’re going to Bangkok (day trip or so), it is the gem trading capital of the world. Fascinating place, follow your nose, most folks are honest and honestly look to you to make a buck by taking you through factories and trading outlets. The gems there are plentiful, car trunks with gallon Ziploc bags (no kidding) of every color and variety imaginable.


hi there friend sorry I am only responding now only I have bin a way for a bit but how did it go with the trailing withe gems ? best regards jarryed