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Trapiche Pink Kashmir Sapphire Slice

Hello, I have a 23ct Trapiche Pink Kashmir Sapphire Slice I would like to sell but I have no idea how to value it because it’s a specimen of course and there isn’t a lot of information that I’ve been able to locate that would help me. This is the stone. Is there anyone out there that could help me?

Trapiche gems have six legs, yours has no legs, therefore NOT trapiche, in fact, not even close.

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If I had a guess I would say it nearly looks like a slice of watermelon tourmaline??

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It’s not a trapiche, it’s a ‘watermelon’.

You may want to get it checked at a lab.

If it is sapphire, I’m sure that there are collectors who may be interested in it, but it’s not a ‘winning lottery ticket’ kind of gem, but you might be able to find the right buyer and get $400 or $500

If it’s tourmaline, it’s max $50 because the clarity is so poor.

Best of luck!

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