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Can anyone give me general idea about this tourmaline, by visualization please?


yes this is open c access stone … and the color well be mix in all stone if you cut and mix the c acex cutting cutting…


Looks like a very nice piece of facet grade Tourmaline.


The color on this stone will be what you see is what you get, mostly. Because it is rather long and thin, even though the color is better down the C axis, you will probably do better cutting a long emerald cut stone, since the weight will be so much greater than cutting three rounds or ovals or trilliants. the yield on these emerald cuts is over 40%, maybe even 70%, depending on cutter’s skill and the cut used. I cannot tell how deep the inclusions go into the stone…they appear to be fairly near the surface and, at any rate, near the ends, so even if they have to be cut out, it still looks like over 35% yield. Cutting down the C axis it would be hard to get over 30% yield. I can’t say I have cut a lot of tourmaline, but I have graded and bought a lot. As rough, you don’t state any dimensions or weight, but it looks like 2-5 gms (3??) and it would probably sell for $50-$80/gm. As a cut stone, I’d say retail would be about $125/ct and if the rough is 3 gms, maybe yield would be 4 cts.I would encourage you to look around at cut pinks to see for yourself what they are going for. on the Net. Also to look at the stone under magnification and under water or oil or in an immersion fluid to try to determine where the inclusions are, as this will affect what is cut from this rough and what its value is.