Tourmaline Rough Pricing

Dear guys,

May I know what value to put on these Pink, watermelon, green Tourmaline and Morganite from Nigeria?

Hi, hard to say from a photo, if they are clean very few inclusions and are 5 or more carats each, then $10 US a carat would be quite reasonable. Bigger up to 10 carats maybe $15 per carat. under 5 carats $7 US a carat this would be a very reasonable price for clean stone. other forum visitors may have different view on price??

Prices SydP has put up does look quite reasonable for the stones, though some do look on the small side (this is hard to tell from photos). If you could give the users some idea of the carat weights and/or dimensions of the stones would make it easier to determine pricing.
If the Morganite is over 10carats and is eye clean would be worth a lot more - up around $15 to $25 US dollars per carat.

Thank you very much for responding. The Tourmalines are between 1 and 3.5grams

Most are eye and loupe clean

Terrific - Now you have a good price you can go for. Best of luck

Thank you very much.