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Tourmaline mined in 1930-40


300.4g tourmaline.

Type? Value??


Looks like watermelon tourmaline with low color saturation. Not worth much per carat regardless of when it was mined, unless you have some sort of provenance saying when and where the stone was mined from. And that only gives value if the mine was particularly notable in some way.


I agree with rlynch.


There’s only one picture of this stone and I’d like to know what color pink it is on the other axis…might be darker and more saturated. I agree with the other respondents that the color isn’t great, but the green is most desaturated and grayed out. The pink is fair, and perhaps the green as well as the pink looks better on the other axis. The other issue is that the crystal doesn’t look transparent. The combination of only fair color and lack of transparency mean this stone would probably be best as a cabochon or several cabochons, and probably isn’t worth a lot per carat. That said, it is very large and could conceivably make a green cab of 200 grams, or about 1000 carats, but I don’t know anyone selling stones of this type…so I don’t have a value for you. The photo doesn’t really give any idea of what a finished cab would look like. If it’s just cloudy, that’s one thing and if there’s a lot of “junk” in it, that might devalue it a lot.


That looks more like a beryl to me than a tourmaline. I may be wrong.


I’m with Heartofgemstone, looks more like beryl than tourmaline to my eye. Impossible to tell from a picture. But in either case, the answer is the same – no gem value to speak of here. There is only specimen value if the origin is somehow notable and documented.