Totally eye clean Emeralds - do they actually exist?

So the wife and I are emerald fans, and hoping to specialise in this gem in the future.

We obviously know that emeralds are usually very included.

However, just out of research / curiosity, we wanted to know if a totally eye clean natural emerald has actually ever existed?

I’m not talking about lab gems or the shady sellers that advertise as “eye clean” when they aren’t quite eye clean… I’m talking about PROPERLY eye clean emeralds. Like “eye flawless”.

Has anyone ever seen one? Or owned one? What is the probability of such a specimen existing?

(We aren’t looking to purchase one, this is purely for research purposes, and also just a bit of a fun chat)

Thanks all

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Welcome to the Forum!

Flawless natural emeralds do exist.

I have never held one in person. Have seen several in museums including one at the Smithsonian. As my birthstone, I have always wanted one… :slight_smile:

Acquired these recently from an auction. Both from Zambia. The cut stone is oval 2.13 cts, 8.9 x 7.2 x 4.8mm. The crystal is 31.565 cts, 20.1 x 13.9 x 13.7 mm.

Definitely not flawless by any means … but they have their own unique charm…



Gorgeous acquisition there Troy!

Thanks for the reply. I had hoped that flawless emeralds did exist, but just needed some confirmation from people more knowledgable than myself.

If anyone else has any other examples, or anything to say regarding my original question, please feel free to chime in!


Eye-clean emeralds are extremely valuable because they’re so rare.

Clarity wise, Emerald is categorized as a Type III gemstone which means they are almost always included and show eye-visible inclusions.

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I did not know that lab emeralds were being made. thanks. Is there a “leader” in making lab- emeralds?

Thank you

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I’ve only seen about one. Very rare. Very AAA ones usually have jardin.

Flawless emeralds are really only appreciated by the professionals because they know their rarity. The public does not have this perception.

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Yes, I have seen a couple. The broker bought a 10.5 carat Emerald for $400,000. He said it will probably sell for $700,000. So those are what the super rich and royalty go for.

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There are some interesting things posted on Instagram. Muzoemeralds has some eye popping stones.

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I have 6 pieces of emerald faceting rough that are flawless. The downside is none are larger than 1.3 carats. So if I’m very careful and the starting shape is good I might get a finished stone between.25 and .45 carats. From the shapes I have I’m basically going to get quarter carat finished stones. I’m a hobby cutter who was lucky enough to have the late Glenn Kline as my mentor. I also was lucky enough to end up with all his equipment and laps. I cut for 2 years before I met Glenn and for some reason he liked me and helped me. Lol. I try not to sell my stones but it seems that anytime I show them to someone they buy them. I buy a lot of my rough from Carl Barney in Connecticut. He is a retired rough seller and also a great luthier or guitar maker. He also has a passion for fly fishing and making lures and rods. Interesting person. Unfortunately he is in his 80s so someday I will have to find another supplier that I like as good as him. I do on occasion but from others like Joe Henley. My big problem is I’m a perfectionist. Thank goodness I’m not cutting for a living because in my personal opinion there is no sense in cutting a stone that is included. In the commercial world it is not possible to make a living for most only cutting loupe clean stones. A lot of times it’s silly to cut a loupe clean stone if you are trying to make a living. I’m sure there are a handful of folks who do it and make a great living but as a whole it’s not the norm. Glad to see you here. I believe I’m like you guys. I love emeralds but don’t understand people paying so much for a highly included and cracked and treated stone. Lol. Best of luck and if I can ever help answer questions let me know. Best wishes in your travels!!!


Thanks so much for all the wonderful replies, folks. Much appreciated, and we are very grateful to newly be a part of this great community here at IGS!

I can’t answer all of you individually but just know that we appreciate your responses!

Having done some further research since starting this thread, it appears that near flawless emeralds do exist, although exceptionally rare. I count 3 eye clean / 10x loupe clean ones so far during my online researches…

  1. the rockefeller emerald (eye clean, not a single flaw visible up close with the naked eye, but with 20x loupe some very tiny inclusions can JUST be made out)

  2. the tiffany muzo. newly discovered, this one is reportedly 100% eye clean. under 20x loupe some minor inclusions visible, but only very slight.

  3. jeff bergman’s emerald on 8th dimensions. 20x loupe and eye clean! utterly a rarity among rarities.

I’m sure there are a few more somewhere in the world, but again, they are few and far between.

Just to know that perfectly eye clean (even loupe clean) emeralds do actually exist is enough to make us both smile, as we are truly massive emerald fans!!!

We will never own anything notable on our meagre wages, but one doesn’t have to own something to truly appreciate it!!!

Thanks again everyone

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You’re very welcome

Yes, there are excellent lab created emeralds being created. They look like the genuine thing:

I have bought a beautiful one from this vendor on Alibaba. It looks beautiful.

Maybe I am completed incorrect [ if so please do correct matters] or in the minority but my distinction / understanding of is that “eye clean” [ specific to diamonds and then applied to other gemstones] is that one does not see imperfections with [unstated anywhere I have seen but assumed 20/20 vision] with just unaided visual inspection [ again as far as I known - assumed but not explicitly stated] daylight somewhat overcast lighting.

[The ruby experts please opinion in on this i.e. there are good reason why ruby markets only operate like form 10:00 AM - 4 PM and one carries a standard ruby as a control to compare against a ruby {parcel} they are evaluating.]

What one observes with inspection using a quality standard 10x loop is a distinct level of evaluation.

Thank you. It is a remarkably amazing time, a uniquely new time, to be in this field.

I believe you are correct. Eye clean as my understanding is the same as your’s. Loupe clean is no defects when examined with a 10x loupe using excellent lighting. Examining rough is a little more difficult than cut stones. Sometimes a window is needed to be done to truly examine inside the rough. Sometimes the rough is submerged in a fluid with a close refractive index to see inside. It can be difficult to examine some types of rough. Just like it’s difficult to examine some set stones.

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