Topazolite value please

Hi I have a ex measeum piece of topazolite in matrix that is 552 grams. It does remind me of that green derminoid garnet. It is not. The person bought it at a a estate sale and sold it to me on Etsy. Does anyone know the value of it? Does anyone think it would be worth more if I made jewelry out of it? Or what would be the cost if you had 5 carats? Or is this more of something you would leave as is? Thank you in advance!

Hi there my dearest Jennifer. as this is a collectors specimen it would only have collectors value! So I am guessing it could be in the Reagan of $20 to $90 depending on how hi the dispersion is in the gem Cristal heads :yum:

Maybe I could take a few out of their and make jewelry with it some day. Thank you for all your help!

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It is my absolute pleasure any time, and I fully agree to deferentially have a peace or two made up from a few nice crystals if you can remove them perfectly. :blush:

Best regards Jarryed.