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Topaz Very Clean Rough 9500 carat

Hi everyone,
We have topaz rough , very clean and transparent if anyone interested please contact. If anyone has good advice regarding to sell it ,that will be appreciated. If someone can advice me about its good selling price feel free to tell me…Really thankful.

To: MacroMind_Group
Subject: Suggested pricing for your 9500 - Carat Lot of Topaz…
From: Hyman Stethem (pro member)
I have been buying Imperial Topaz
1oz lots containing reasonable to good gem quality crystals/crystal pieces at
If you would like to sell some of your collection, please contact me by email.

hi sir i m happy to see you here and interested in my Topaz rough. actually all stones are very clear, crystal and minimum weight of piece is 79 carats, while 80% of stones are more than 100 carats. so can we make a deal sir accordingly?

I would like to purchase some of your rough. Do you still have some available and if so what is the price?
Thank you

Email me a price for a piece of tourmaline and how you accept payment. Pick one from 80 to 100 cts. and we’ll go from there.

Are you looking for raw or cut and polished?


Sent a PM