Tools for Looking at gems and rocks

I am in the New Jersey/ New York City area and looking for tools and magnifying equipment for looking at gems, stones rocks. Does anyone know what businesses deal with these type of tools in this area?

No. Order through the mail.

I bought most of my gemology tools from Pretty Rock in Charlotte, NC; however, you can get what you need also from: Rio Grande, Tripps, GIA
Antoinette Matlins through her site also sells gemology tools and her textbooks about identifying gems, selling and buying gems, etc. I have dealt with all these groups and have been satisfied with them. I bought my ID tools about 9 years ago, and am still using the same equipment. Pretty Rock has a very nice specific gravity tool.

Best of luck, I think Gesswein is in New Jersey, but I have not purchased directly from them.


I had to sale many gem collection as the UK government stopped my benefit of £400 /month. I have a fully equipped testing laboratory to sale. It will have to be sold in the UK, and pickup only, Alton , Hampshire. GU34 5BL
Contact me for more details.
Peter Fowler

I have found a lot of gem equipment on Ebay.

Sorry to hear that, Peter. Hope you get a good amount for it.

give us some feedback after you’ve had a chance to play around with it.