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To be Paraiba or not to be Paraiba


I notice that the term copper bearing paraiba tourmaline is now being utilised for just about every type of tourmaline. As I have several copper bearing tourmaline including some Rubellite… where do we draw the line? Is this something that has become an excepted marketing ploy (should we in fact produce or rather the IGS produce a seperate price guide for copper bearing?). Or do we all accept that a Paraiba is an almost neon blue/green?


Paraíba refers to cuprian elbaite, so technically any copper-bearing elbaite can be called “paraíba.” A lot of the neon blue/green material is purple/red prior to heating.

As for pricing, copper-bearing rubellite sells for prices in the same range as other rubellite. While a couple collectors will appreciate its copper content, there’s not enough of a market to value it higher. That said, a paraíba with exceptional purple color might get premium pricing, but not as high as the typical neon blue/green.


Thank you, that is most helpful.