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Thunder Optics Spectrometer

My order for the Gospectro spectrophotometer got lost in the French postal system, they have sent a new one by courier which should arrive tomorrow. I did purchase another spectrometer from France made by Thunder optics, ebay picture attached. They have a few different styles available there is one for 99 dollars US and another a bit higher with better resolution. It comes with some software which is OK but not the best, you can download Spectrogryph which is very good or use spectral workbench which is quite interesting used mostly for teaching but works very well for gem spectra. I will post some pics of some of my spectra.
I would like to do an in depth review of the gospectro when it arrives as I think it will be very useful.

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thanks for sharing

:+1:. Thank you for the info :smiley::smiley: