Have you looked at the article on a very rare find and new gem Thortvietite. Very rare one off so far.

Thanks for alerting us to this faceted example of this rare gem. The article and pic of thortveitite is featured in “Journal of Gemmology,” 2008, Vol 31, nos 1/2, pp. 1-6.

Thank you for your reply.

That is correct Pedro I read the article last week and had a discussion with Ross Chapman the owner of the gem.
The gem is in a bank vault in Brisbane at present and from Ross’s description is very clear and beautiful. Given it is the only known gem of this type it must be very valuable.

It would be great if an article from IGS featuring this gem created enough interest for collectors and gemmologists to find more gem quality Thortveitite as surely there must be more out there.

Attached is a photo of the gem in incandescent light.

Hi, I was lucky enough to see the actual gemstone after it was cut and before it was identified as a new gemstone. Ross Chapman is a very good friend of mine who helped me through my Gem A diploma course. I used to visit his residence in Brisbane Qld Aust. and practice identifying gemstone during my diploma. Ross cut the gem himself at his home in Brisbane.
He now spends most of his time in Thailand.

Hi Syd,
We met in Thailand when I bought a pair of rainbow tourmaline for my wife. I have not seen the gem but from photos and description it is worthy of more recognition and hope more can be found one day.

No worries thanks