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This stone is nefrite/


Mr and Mrs
I think this stone is nefrite, but I am not sure. Anybody help me?


Looks a bit greasy for Nephrite, looks more like Serpentine, can you scratch it with a knife blade?


It does look almost like serpentinite…do a scratch test on a corner of the stone.


With the black dendritic inclusions, it looks suspiciously like green opal from Tanzania.


Dears Bergman, Jethro and Petersen,

Thanks for your opinion. I weighed the stone and the specific weight is 3.03. I tryed to scratch with snife on a corner and I could not. I’m going to do other tests but, I am thinking that it’s a real nefrite, so far. From the same place I get another piece (attached), but I grinding and polish, for this last stone, the specific weight is 2.56, similar of serpentine, but is hard as the other. May be it’s more lighter due inclusion, is it possible? My Best Regards, Mário Canevello




Since it wont scratch with a knife then it sounds like it could be nephrite. It’s hardness is around a 6-6.5. Thus the specific gravity is in the correct range. With a good enough polish, it will have a vitreous to a greasy luster. I just haven’t seen one so transparent like that.


I understand that the opaque gemstone is nefrite because range of weight, but other I don’t Know. The specific weight is other, I need do other exams. Next month, may be I will return to the source.
Thanks and I ask apologizes due my poor english.