The most common gem?

Are diamonds really THE MOST common gem on Earth? From Are Diamonds Really Rare? Diamond Myths and Misconceptions - IGS “Diamonds are the hardest material found on earth. Other than that, they hold no unique distinctions. All gem grade materials are rare, composing just a tiny fraction of the earth. However, among gems, diamonds are actually the most common”, but one would think quartz is more common than diamonds?

The feldspar family of minerals are the most common chemical composition for gemstones. Quartz and its many forms is also very common. Diamond, per se, is not that rare, the distribution of the diamonds produced is highly restricted, thus, keeping the available supply limited.


I don’t think so that diamond gem is very common gemstone. It is very precious stone and I think Its mines also not much so diamond is very precious and expensive stone. I am a gemologist and I found that diamond is the very beautiful stone in the world. Everyone want to wear it but due to not common everyone can’t afford it.