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The feeling when u care for the stone

well… i know now that feeling you get when you just don’t want to make a mistake an every thing has to be perfect or your not satisfied. i don’t know if i identified this right when my buddy found it a month ago and really don’t care if i was right to me this stone has a color that is irresistible to me. so i bought it from him. started out at roughly 50 carat rough. im now at 30 roughly. but im done with it for today. ill pick back up in the morning.
im glad to see that i can get that thrill from this craft. iv tryed many many different things in my short 32 years so far and not many will get me that euphoria.

so i done a little more to this stone and noticed it has two mountain ranges and a lightning bolt striking. depending on what way its turned on what two mountains u see or if u see the bolt.

now im trying to decide to keep this nice dark green dominate color of to allow some blue to come thru. i orked it to bring out the blue more and others loved it but i like this darker toned green myself. anyone else have any ideas on what they would do from here with this stone? please share two minds are better then one.
also im not sure if i have this right or if its something i just put in my head myself but if i hold a stone up and look at the edges in sunlight you can see the light passing thru a total of 50% or slightly more of the stone equal around the outer edges. this is how to tell how much light and where its being directed in some stones isnt it? i mean so far iv not been disappointed by doing this but sometimes i feel like i should loook over this and go with my instincts…
i do this by looking thru the what will be the face of my stone.