Thailand and Burma with a trader

In 14 days I have a chance to tagg along with my wifes Aunty who is a Burmese living in Bangkok. She makes a living of trading Gems from Burma to Thailand and India.

She has indicated she is interested in sending gems to Australia. Anyone know how or where to find buyers or if there is enough demand to make this viable? Items she trades are ruby, jade and saphires. They are not cheap… ranging from $1000 per ct for ruby to over $50000 per ct.

Any information would be appreciated.



I suspect you may have come to the wrong place here. The people here know about gemstones and their values or are learning about them. Anyone paying $1000 to $50000 per ct. for ruby or sapphire within the trade would be mad or go out of business very quickly. What you want is e-bay and sell directly to the public who know no difference.

Hey mateys,

Back from my well enjoyed trip and managed to buy a 7ct ruby for a price I will not disclose until I get it appraised here in Brisbane.

Thanks for your reply Huttonit, but trust me I am in the right place. I am a novice with much to learn and that is why I am here to gain knowledge from the experts.

Just to set it straight, I am not interested in buying selling fake things to unsuspecting public. I want to become and expert in gems and hopefully with my fortunate connection to Burma through my inlaws, I may be able to make some profits while helping to get these gems to Australia.

So anyways the ruby that I acquired it about 7ct. It is purplish red. I do not have any tools to examine it but I could only see minor inclusions with the naked eye. It is oval cut. That is all the information I can give. I think I will do the short course offered here so that I can better describe the Gem in the future.

If this turns out to be a good specimen then I will be heading back to get more. Attached is a pic.

I would love to discuss this journey of discovery with anyone interested. Especially with professional traders and Gem experts.



Hello, Gee, have you had the ruby valued as yet, as I am keen to find out if it is natural or synthetic.
Hope it is not synthetic for your sake and it is natural of course all depends on what you actually paid for it.

let us know