Test 4 equipment?what?

hi,can anyone give me a list of what equipment i need to identify the gemstones for test 4?and have others found the pc software u can buy from here helps with that

I was also doing the test today. Definitely need a loupe, a quality refractometer, a light source, a microscope, a polariscope, and some kind of hardness testing tool. The website is called gemology tools online. Good luck

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I am also doing the test, what would you recommend? I see this is 14 days old any suggestions for me? I think its possible to do it by hand but the tools surely seem to help any thoughts on that?

is gemmology tools online where you bought your equipment from?

I think you can buy them from them. In my area we have a store who just got all these tools in but in the sense of smart spending do you think its something you absolutely need for the test. Off hand I think you can use a jeweler loup for most of it. But I’m not 100% if you need to buy those tools or not.

If the intention is only by dilettantism…have fun only with a loupe. But gemology is difficult thing many times, even for a professional. For example, if you have to identify a translucent and bright red stone: it can be a natural untreated ruby; a heat treated ruby, a fill in glass/heat treated ruby; a synthetic ruby; a natural spinel; a synthetic spinel; a spessartite garnet (or othe kind of garnet); a rubelite tourmaline (yes, it’s rare but some are bright red); and a lot of man-made gemstones (red cubic zirconia, red svarowski “crystal”, etc etc)…How to identify without appropriate instruments? Forget it!

I do completely agree! I just said it in the sense of if you didn’t have the means immediately. I am fortunate to have a store where I bought my equipment tho:). Ps thx for your reply:)