Taxonomic Levels

Hi everyone, I have yet another question. Has anyone found a taxonomic chart for gems. There must be something out there to show the hierarchy of stones. For example, a garnet would be one level above a rhodolite since a rhodolite is a kind of garnet. If there was a chart that would be so much easier.
Thanks if anyone has any ideas!

Hi Diana -

We are actually working on a full-scale reorganization of the gemsociety website, and we’ve developed such a taxonomy of gemstones to do so. Stay tuned for some changes on the website int he next 6 weeks or so that will answer this very question for you!


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Glad to hear this, I’ve been quite happy with the changes so far. One must look at the taxonomy of minerals and rocks and see that degree of overlap and to some extent confusion as to where particular compositions in the solid solution matrix the various varieties and species reside.