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Synthetic tourmaline?


I’m wondering if anyone can give me a clear answer on whether or not synthetic tourmaline is available. I’ve read in a few different places that tourmaline is not currently being lab created, but then I’ve seen several ads for synthetic watermelon tourmaline. So, I’m a bit perplexed. Any advice or information on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

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Now a day never say never, as far as I know tourmaline is neither imitated nor synthetically produced.

I have never seen synthetic tourmaline, but there are a lot of glass simulations of Waterlemon tourmaline on the market. However it could be easily distinguished by its heavy weight, traces of coloring and difference between colored and colorless glass that could be seen from the side in the air, or when the piece is immersed in water.

I haven’t kept up with all developments in synthetics, but I have never heard of synthetic tourmaline…that is a synthetic with the exact chemical composition, structure and constants as tourmaline…there may be a watermelon tourmaline simulant with zones of color like watermelon tourmaline…I’m not aware that there’s a great market for watermelon on the high end, so I can’t imagine someone spending a lot of time creating imitation watermelon tourmaline, but anything can happen. With tourmaline having dichroism, a dichroscope would probably show two colors for each hue in the watermelon and there isn’t any other stone I can think of that would show this. If you need a categorical answer about synthetic tourmaline, ask GIA at their website…they would know.

Also never heard of synthetic tourmaline.

Lots of imitations though.

Synthetic corrundum is sometimes used in place, as is glass.

what about paraiba? is synthetic corrundum or glass used in place also?

I have seen YAG with the right dopants look very much like Paraiba tourmaline.
With regards synthetic tourmaline, this is all you’d need to know:

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Russian scientists succeeded in growing experimental synthetic tourmaline crystals under 1mm in diameter for research purposes only. There has never been any lab grown tourmaline larger than that. EVERYTHING represented as synthetic or lab grown tourmaline for sale is only an immitation such as synthetic spinel and synthetic corundum.

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