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Synthetic pink sapphire

Hi all,

I’m new here, and hoping someone can help with with a question about pink sapphires. I have a stone that I believe is synthetic pink sapphire, and was wondering how bright their fluorescence under UV light would, compared to a Burma ruby.


Red fluorescence in pink sapphires and rubies depends on the chromium and iron content. The more chromium and less iron, the stronger the fluorescence. Pink synthetic sapphire should have strong or very strong red fluorescence. Burmese rubies also have strong or very strong fluorescence like all rubies from marble deposits.

If you think it is lab created, there will not be any inclusions or minimal at most with a 10x loupe. I have seen glass with more fluorescence than pink sapphire

Thanks so much to you both, I really appreciate your responses! This stone has a stronger fluorescence than the ruby I compared it to, and about all I can see with the 10x loupe are some small bubbles(?) and something that looks a bit like a fingerprint. I bought the ring the stone is in because I loved the setting, but thought the stone itself looked just a little too perfect to be genuine.
Thanks again for your input. :slight_smile:

Interesting, my experience with Australian pink sapphire is no uv response at all, certainly the rough I have here is a beautiful powder pink and zero response to both short and long wave uv

Look for growth lines, with loupe or microscope. If they do not appear, it’s (in the best case) synthetic.

Incorrect. Curved growth lines are a 100% certain indication of flame fusion synthetic. Also, many natural rubies exhibit absolutely no growth lines even under 100X microscope.

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Strong fluorescence in rubies and sapphires is only an indication of sufficient chromium, and low enough iron content as to not mute the reaction to UV light source.

Thank you very much for correcting me , Mr Bergmann. I am not a gemologist & not very familiarized with corunduns that are not really typical from Brasil.To come to IGS or LinkedIn is like going to school during my free time. Never to late to learn.