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Synthetic definitions-class related

I understand the difference between a natural gem on one end of the spectrum, and a piece of glass at the other. I realize stones are heated, treated, etc. I also understand that it is possible no to created gemstones in a lab so that, though manipulated by man, they are chemically identical to natural stone.
My problem is, while reading this section, what exact words mean what. Sometimes it sounds contradictory. What is "simulated…lab created, with the chemical properties of a mined stone, or completely mad with different material.
If anyone can just tell e what words go with what definitions, or where to find this, I would really appreciate it, I am stuck.

here is a site that sells syn faceting matl. it will give you some idea on syn. I have cut the qtz, opal and some syn tourmaline, looks and cuts just like the natural. Just some info here is all. This is LAB. Created matls. Hope this helps some.

What I have noticed in owning both simulated and natural gems is that the natural ones will have particles or cracks inside that are natural and the simulated ones don’t have any. You can see them under a 30x loupe. They test out the same in many other ways.

I found this site while cruising others regarding treatments of stones, definitions of, and how to care for. What I did was type in exactly what I wanted.
Most stones are treated so having clear definition between stones dug up and those made in a lab would very helpful. I’ll check into it bit can’t guarantee I’ll make it back here in time to answer.

Understanding Gem Synthetics, Treatments, and Imitations.
This is on this website might find helpful.
Goods lock. If you do find something better or to go with this would you post if you can.
Thank you

I have an alexandrite. If you interested my alexandrite, you can cantact me via mya email.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and websites. I really appreciate the time you all took to help me.
I came across a book that I highly recommend everyone get for these classes. It breaks things down into simpler terms and seems to flow a bit better then the course material.
Gem Identification Made Easy by Matlins and Bonanno. It goes into everything.
Thanks again everyone!